auto-hydrogen HHO FAQ

Is HHO Dangerous?

YES and NO. All fuels are dangerous... Petrol, Diesel, LPG, Propane and even electricity.

Common sense is required when using or handling fuels. HHO is not dangerous if you do not store it. Our HHO systems are HHO on demand. This means HHO is produced and used when you need it and it is not stored. Our systems are safer than any other type of fuel because HHO is not stored.

Just like everything else in life there must be some common sense. You wouldn't put your finger into a houses power socket or fill your car with petrol while smoking? Would you?

Will HHO Damage My car?

YES and NO Again. Common sense again is required. Damage can be caused if electrolyte goes into the engine... a bubbler stops this from happening by filtering the gas through clean water and in that water any traces of electrolyte are trapped and stopped from entering the engine.

A car can be damaged if there is an explosion. Large amounts of Accumulated gas in the air filter system can damage the air filter box if it suddenly ignites from a backfire. This will never happen if your HHO system starts working ONLY AFTER the car has started. Either a set of relays or an electronic circuit like the one on our PWM will stop this from ever happening. 

Same story with the alternator. Drawing excessive amps from it will damage it. The PWM limits the amps drawn from the alternator and is controllable from inside the car by the user. Your alternator is safe.

Every manufacturer installs safety features into their systems to protect the end user and the equipment. We at auto-hydrogen are safety conscious and have done the same.

How does using HHO save me money?

HHO is not new, it's been used since the 1800's. In fact the first internal combustion engine ran on Hydrogen. It's a good fuel but normally is expensive to produce.

It's been found that introducing a small amount of HHO into a cars combustion system will help burn the fuel that you are already using more completely. HHO gas burns hotter and faster than petrol or diesel. The explosive effect it has burns your fuel more completely. This means less unburnt fuel and more energy is extracted from your fuel which in the end translates to savings in cash.

Will I get results?

Everyone we know who has set up their system correctly has seen Great Results. You will too. Unfortunately for HHO not enough people know what is needed to get a good system up and running without any trouble.

This means most car mechanics cannot help you because they just don't know how. Fortunately there is a huge amount of information on this site helping you and also on the internet in general. However separating fact from fiction on the internet can be daunting at times.

auto-hydrogen's friendly staff will always respond to your emails and your messages from the contact page requesting help.

YOU will see Great Results if you're willing to learn how your system works. You will need to follow installation instructions and keep your HHO system in good condition.