HHO Circulating Micro Pump 4L/min (12 Volts)

HHO Micro Pump 4L/min 12 Volts closeup
HHO Micro Pump 4L/min 12 Volts closeupHHO Micro Pump 4L/min 12 Volts open
33,00 € each Weight: 100 g
Width: 30 mm
Length: 70 mm
Height: 32 mm


A pump is needed if there is not at least 20cm height difference between the bottom of your Electrolyte tank and the top of your HHO Dry Cell also it greatly increases the output of any dry cell as opposed to gravity run systems.

  • Output 4L/min - 3.5m head
  • Can be slowed down by regulating the input power, down to even 6 volts
  • 10mm inlet & 8mm outlet (use 3/8" tubing on both sides)
  • Extremely compact construction
  • Stainless Steel mounting Bracket included

HHO Micro Pump 4L/min at 12 Volts

These Incredible micro pumps are only 100 grams but have been meticulously engineered to be extremely powerful and Rugged for their size. As you can see in the photo the impeller is completely encapsulated so the magnet inside will not be affected by electrolyte.

Not all small pumps are built this way and it doesn't take very long before electrolyte erodes the magnet and they stop working.

These pumps can be run continuously. The shaft is ceramic zirconium extremely durable and the manufacturer says they are rated to last 10,000 to 20,000 hours.

They are not self-Priming so they have to be placed lower than the fluid they are pumping but they have the advantage of unrestricted fluid flow when they are switched off.

If they are run DRY (without fluid) the pump will be damaged.

4L/min is more than ample flow for a HHO cell. In the past we used 6L/min pumps exclusively but on some systems the fast flow caused foaming of the electrolyte. These are waaayyyyyy better.

Besides the obvious HHO use there are many other applications these pumps can be used.

If you have any questions regarding these Pumps feel free to contact us.

Can be used with 8mm or 10mm internal diameter hoses.