99,00 € each

Volo Performance Chip FS2-HHO Edition

Considers oxygen levels in the exhaust, engine speed and load, intake air temperature and volume, and many other variables to select the most efficient fuel delivery rate and timing for HHO

  • The FS2 is a vehicle specific, custom programmed 20MHz Microcontroller. It utilizes its high speed serial input/output to communicate directly with the ECU through the OBD-II port.
  • Has individual program for most makes and models after 1995.
  • When using HHO as a fuel supplement, the FS2 adjusts fuel delivery and timing to optimize efficiency.
  • When HHO is disabled, the FS2 automatically re-adjusts and switch to highly efficient, non-HHO enhanced maps
  • The FS2 is compatible with factory equipped Turbo/Superchargers, diesel engines, Flex-Fuel, & HHO supplement systems.
  • It is NOT compatible with hybrid engine options, propane, or natural-gas
For detailed installations instructions see "How to Install the Volo Chip".
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