The Octagon DC163/06-1214V HHO Dry Cell Generator 6 Plates

178,69 € ($213.00) each Weight: 1.6 kg

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This HUGE professionally built Dry Cell is made up of:

  • 1 stack
  • 1 positive plate
  • 1 negative plate
  • 4 neutral plates
  • n NNNN p
  • Plate stackup and spacing optimized for Orthohydrogen Gas
  • Mounting brackets

HHO generation: 1.5 L/min at 15 Amps (max)

Engine size: up to 2500cc

HHO Dry Cell Specifications:

  • Diameter – 163mm
  • Voltage required – 12-14.5 volts
  • Maximum amperage rating – 15 amps
  • Weight – 1.6Kg
  • Cell plates total surface area – 2412.744cm² (≈.24m²)
  • Cell plates total active surface area –1246.428cm²
  • Each Plate surface area 1 side – 201.062cm²
  • Each Plate active surface area 1 side – 103.869cm²
  • Plate spacing – 1.2mm approx.
  • Plate material – 316L-2B/mat Stainless steel
  • Plate thickness – 0.8mm
  • Plate manufacture process – Laser cut
  • Outer shell material – Plexiglas (Original - not generic Acrylic)
  • Outer shell manufacture process – Laser cut
  • Flange gasket material – High temperature Silicone
  • Flange gasket material manufacture process – (cold molded)
  • Fastening method – 6 x 6mm Din 911 Hex or Allen head bolts
  • Electrical connector - Heavy Duty Faston type blade 10mm male
  • Tube fittings – Hose barb type BSPT 1/8 thread (8mm ID/10mm OD)
  • HHO gas Output – 1.5 L/min

HHO Dry Cell Features:

  • All AutoHydrogen cells have a compact design with ease of installation in mind.
  • The outer plate area is not enclosed in the flange gasket material so it acts as a heat sink keeping the HHO Generator very cool while it's in operation.
  • The bolts are 6mm stainless steel with hex head on one side and locking nut on the other side. The bolts have no contact with the plates (Shielded within the Flange) so there is no risk of a short circuit from them.
  • The HHO generator can be swiveled on its standard brackets so it will be sitting upright when mounted.
  • The optional mounting brackets can swivel left, right and up, down and even in opposite directions of each other. Doesn't matter how uneven the surface they are mounted on is, the HHO generator can be adjusted to be upright and level.
  • There are multiple connecting points on each plate, so you can easily find a connector in a suitable position no matter how tight the fit of your HHO generator in the place it's mounted.
  • The connectors are crimping faston blade 10mm heavy duty type and they transfer the electrical current efficiently without heating up. We found that using bolts for connectors was a cheap way out for many makers of HHO generators and almost always came undone and heated up or shorted out somewhere. They are almost always a nuisance and an inefficient way to connect your HHO generator to a power source.
  • All of the plates used in the auto-hydrogen HHO dry cell generators have been laser cut to avoid tooling contamination of the 316L stainless steel.
  • All of the plates used in the auto-hydrogen HHO dry cell generators have undergone passivation process before assembly so you can expect long lasting endurance even under the most difficult conditions.
  • We use ONLY Original PLEXIGLAS with 30 yr. Manufacturer's warranty for outer shell. Not Cheap Generic acrylic which will crack warp or, melt.
  • AutoHydrogen HHO dry cell generators get outstanding results with only 3-5% electrolyte concentration. Keep in mind some companies need up to 27% electrolyte concentration levels to get their HHO generators to work.

The longevity of your cell depends on 3 things:

  1. The quality and thickness of the stainless steel used.
  2. The amount of current you draw.
  3. The type of electrolyte you use.

Special orders: We can custom make HHO generators using our plates to any amount of stacks and any number of plates within each stack if needed. Email us with your requirements.