The Hexagon FK123/16-1214V HHO Dry Cell Generator FULL KIT

The Hexagon FK123/16-1214V HHO Dry Cell Generator FULL KIT
399,00 € each Weight: 2.5 kg

Choose - PWM LCD Display Case Color

Volo Performance Chip FS2-HHO EditionInformation


This 16 plate HHO Dry Cell Generator FULL KIT has everything needed for a professional installation into your vehicle.

Built For Vehicles 3200cc+

(2.5 L/min at 25 Amps max)

AutoHydrogen Components in Kit:

  • 1 HHO Dry Generator with 16 plates ( n NNNN p NNNN n NNNN p ) 12-14.5 Volts
  • 1 HHO Specific PWM 60 Amps Constant Current (Pulse Width Modulator) with in car LCD Display
  • 1 HHO Tandem Electrolyte Tank & Bubbler Tank / Reservoirs
  • 1 x 4 Pronged Probe for Fluid Level Sensing
  • 1 Circulating pump 4 L/min, 12V
  • 1 Circuit breaker (30 amps)
  • Connecting cables (14 AGW Key Switch wire not included)
  • Connecting hoses (no hose clamps required)
  • Mounting brackets

*From time to time product colors will vary according to raw materials availiable at time of production.

*There may be cosmetic changes not reflected in the photos due to improved materials or better production methods.

*See "What HHO Components Do I Need?" and "HHO Safety Equipment Defined" for information on what you should look for in a Kit.