HHO Reduces Emissions Drastically

Case Study – Diesel Emissions at various RPMs

HHO was tested in 2010 on a dynamometer to determine the effects of Hydrogen Assist on theHHO car testing at a dyno test facility emissions of a diesel engine. The engine was a 7.2 liter displacement marine engine with about 60 hours of operation when the tests were performed, and as it was installed on the dyno there were no emission control devices. The dyno was owned and operated by Hawthorne Machinery of San Diego California.

California Environmental Solutions LLC took samples of exhaust emissions at various RPM settings and HHO production levels using a certified ECOM gas analyzer. (California Emissions Solutions is certified by the state of California to perform emissions test in the field to determine compliance with the state’s pollution standards.)

The normal mixture level for HHO is ¼ to ½ liter per minute of HHO for each liter of engine displacement (higher concentrations don’t provide MPG improvements), so to cover the full range of HHO Assist, gas generation levels of 1 lpm, 2 lpm, and 3 lpm, and NO gas generation were tested.

hho dyno emission test resultsAt each HHO production level California Environmental Solutions measured oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide which are the greenhouse gases controlled by emission standards, and for insight into engine efficiency Engine Gas Temperature (EGT) was also measured.

You can see in the tables California Environmental Solutions provided - As the level of HHO Assist increases the greenhouse gas levels all continued to decrease and the level of oxygen actually increased, and this was true for all the load conditions tested which were idle, 1600 RPM, 2000 RPM, and 2400 RPM (full throttle).

What reduction in emissions will you get on your vehicle?

Well... to be exact you are going to have to measure it. The answer is you will get similar results yet slightly different. Every vehicle is a bit different because of the year make and model, and whether or not the engine is tuned up and in good operating condition. It's safe to say that HHO will significantly reduce you emissions, period. We have seen many trucks and cars that fail emissions without HHO, and after HHO is installed they pass easily and most times the extremely low measurements amaze the emissions technician.

hho dyno idle rpm emissions test measurements

hho dyno 1600 rpm emissions test measurements

hho dyno 2000 rpm emissions test measurementshho dyno 2400 rpm emissions test measurements