VERIFIED Resistor "Chip" Scams


volo vs fuel maxx

The Volo Chip uses a very powerful 20 MHz Microprocessor.


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We receive an email asking for a comparison of the Volo DSF chip to one of hundreds of resistor "chips".

These sellers are trying to make it hard for customers to differentiate our product from a minefield of scams.

In an effort to expose these scammers, some of which offer a $25 "chip" guaranteed to increase engine output by 200HP, we're offering a trade up.

Just send us your IAT chip (any Performance Chip that connects to your vehicle's intake), working or not, in one piece or 100 pieces, and we'll give you $10.00 for it!*

*$10 off the Volo FS2-HHO

Our ever growing list of IAT "chip" scams:

white lightnin performance module White Lightnin Performance Module  slr Motorsports SLR Motorsports
 pro choice performance module Pro Choice Performance Module  precision engineered Precision Engineered, Inc.
 genesis performance Genesis Performance  x2 power module X2 Power Module
 boss performance Boss Performance  power up tuning Power Up Tuning 
 precision power parts Precision Power Parts  pcd performance chip PCD Performance Chip
pro max performance Pro Max Performance gt Performance GT Performance
german engineered performance module German Engineered Performance Module fuel maxx Fuel Maxx
high energy performance advance module High Energy Performance Advance Module jex smart chip JEX Smart Chip
inferno performance modules Inferno Performance Modules Inc. magnum performance module Magnum Performance Module 
ss tuning performance module SS Tuning Performance Module chipbox 120 proracing ChipBox 120 ProRacing
gforce chip Gforce Chip mindblower performance MindBlower Performance 
auto chips direct powerbox PowerBox  g box performance module by next level G-Box Performance Module by Next Level
powerdirect PowerDirect  dvmotorsport performance module DVMotorsport Performance Module
x2 power module X2 Power Module