HHO - Auto Gas Trade Fair 2012

AutoHydrogen participated in the "Auto Gas" Trade Fair held at the MEC (Mediterranean Exhibition Center) In Athens.

Auto Gas is a yearly Expo at which various companies show the latest LPG gas technology and more recently Hydrogen and HHO. Participants come from all over Europe and Asia representing most big name brands.

It was a 3 day affair, beginning Friday 23rd of November and ending Sunday the 25th of November.

From the very start of the Expo on Friday afternoon, it was obvious that it was going to be a huge success for auto-hydrogen. Our booth was inundated by people wanting to know about our products and the crowd frequently spilled over into the hallways.

By Saturday lunch time we had already run out of pamphlets, booklets, business cards and any other kind of literature. We found a copier machine and started making copies in black and white. I suppose it was better than a kick in the teeth. Sunday night we were finished, all the team was tired and barely managed to pack up. All in all we were happy with the result. We have lots ideas for our next expo and will start planning from now.

Below are some pics taken on Saturday morning / afternoon.

auto hydrogen booth display at auto fair showing HHO dry cell and PWM gas measurements

Interested parties can see at a glance HHO in action with our display board.

auto hydrogen HHO booth spills over into hallway at expo

auto hydrogen HHO booth at expo fair packed out

Lots of people waiting for an opportunity to talk with us and ask questions.

auto-hydrogen HHO auto fair booth at least they look interested

For some it was difficult to get close enough for a look.

auto-hydrogen HHO auto fair booth explaining how it works

auto-hydrogen HHO distributor explain PWM and dry cell

Left: Our technical engineer explaining the product.                     Right: Athens rep chatting with a customer.

auto-hydrogen HHO auto fair 2012 booth hallway

Spilling over into hallways was a regular occurrence. Compare the traffic of the other booths further down the hallway. Pretty much how it went for the duration of the Expo.