Volo FS2-HHO Installation

The video shows the procedure for installation of the Volo FS2-HHO.

Wiring instructions for connecting the Volo FS2-HHO to your vehicle's OBD-II CAN bus are vehicle specific.

Information on how to wire the Volo FS2-HHO into your vehicle is provided in the installation guide.

pdf buttonVolo Chip Installation Instructions


Volo FS2-HHO Troubleshooting

Volo Calibration:

Pre Calibration - Program the HHO PWM to operate at the desired current level. Gas production is directly related to current and for best fuel economy HHO gas production must remain constant. The Volo can deal with OFF or ON but it can't adjust to varying HHO production rates. If you change the current / production level significantly you may need to recalibrate to achieve maximum performance. If you just installed HHO let your vehicle run on it for 30 miles before you start your final calibration cycle. It will help clean out the engine so it's efficiency is not changing during calibration.

Step 1 - Start Vehicle.
Step 2 - Allow time to reach operating temperature.
Step 3 - Press reset button on the Volo unit.
Step 4 - Wait 1 - 3 minutes for calibration to complete (when PWR and LNK are solid, it is complete).
Step 5 - After 120 miles you can take measurements if you want.

Volo won't Power On:

Step 1 - Press the reset button.
Step 2 - Verify the correct port was used (OBD-II). Some vehicles have diagnostic ports that look very similar to the OBD-II port, but are not tapered on the sides. Review the install instructions.
Step 3 - Verify the tap-in connectors were installed properly. Failure to crimp the connectors all the way down will result in a poor connection. DO NOT push wires into the OBD-II port, as this will cause a short.
Step 4 - Using a volt meter or continuity tester, verify pin 4 is grounded.
Step 5 - Using a volt meter or continuity tester, verify pin 16 is 4.6VDC+ to 15VDC+ when key is turned to IGN position. If not, check fuses.

Volo won't enter Stand-By Mode:

Don't worry! This is perfectly normal on some vehicles equipped with keyless entry and/or factory alarm. It will not interfere with normal operation or drain excess current from the battery.

Volo doesn't exit Stand-By Mode:

Problem: (VPW and some ISO protocols)  - Unit will not exit stand-by mode, indicated by no PWR light and DATA flashes quickly every 3-5 seconds.
Solution: Move the green wire to pin 9.

Disappointing Fuel Economy:

Solution: Recalibrate
In the event you make any changes to your vehicle* you must reset the Volo Chip for optimal gains. If you feel the chip is no longer functioning properly, a reset will return it to normal.
*Changes include anything that affects engine performance or efficiency, such as changing the HHO gas production level, new engine components, or replacing defective parts, and it also includes loss of power or disconnecting the battery.

Note: Faulty O2, MAP/MAF, IAT, or TPS, blown fuse, existing trouble codes need to be resolved before the Volo is calibrated.