HHO - Factors that affect your Mileage

 Vehicle Maintenance

  • Your tires can reduce your MPG if they are not properly aligned or properly inflated as this would increase the rolling resistance.
  • A dirty air filter would make your engine work harder and struggle thus reducing your fuel economy.
  • An engine that is poorly tuned will burn more fuel and reduce your MPG. Even though your engine sounds fine it's always good to have routine maintenance performed to keep your engine running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

energy requirements combined

Photo from Official US Govt website for economy. http://www.fueleconomy.gov/FEG/atv.shtml

How You Drive

  • Running electrical accessories such as headlights, air conditioner, high-end sound system, etc. can reduce your fuel economy. The air condition alone can reduce MPG by 5-25%.
  • Aggressive Driving can reduce your fuel economy by up to 33% on the highway and 5% around town.
  • Attachments to your roof such as cargo racks will increase the aerodynamic drag and lower fuel economy.
  • Driving at high speeds will increase the aerodynamic drag (wind resistance) which in turn will reduce your fuel economy.
  • Cold weather reduces your fuel economy since your engine does not operate as efficient until it warms up. (Note: Allowing your car to idle to warm up prior to driving in cold weather will only waste the fuel you save by driving once warmed and creates even more pollution.)
  • Excessive Idling will decrease your overall MPG.
  • Excessive weight, especially when towing, will decrease fuel economy.
  • Terrain such as unpaved roads, hilly or mountainous roads will have a negative impact on your MPG. Roads with even a slight rise can cause the engine to struggle and provide poor MPG.
  • Vehicles equipped with 4-wheel drive will have worse MPG than like 2-wheel drive models because of the additional gearing and additional weight. Driving in 4-wheel drive mode is worse as it makes the engine work harder to turn all four wheels.

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 Not all Fuel is created equal

  • The temperature affects the energy content of gasoline. Gasoline contains about 1.7% more energy during the summer than during the winter.
  • Using oxygenated fuels or reformulated gasoline can reduce your fuel economy by as much as 3%.
  • Check your MPG using gasoline from a variety of gas stations and see if your engine has better preference and stick with it.