What do you need in an HHO Kit?

Here's a little help in understanding what you need in an HHO kit.

hho generator2

HHO is relatively simple and can be kept that way if you're willing to keep an eye on it (willing to maintain your setup / kit).

For those who like to set it up and forget about it you will need a complete HHO kit which is fully automated, and you will need to maintain your kit becuse HHO systems don't take care of themselves.

The 2 main things everyone needs in an HHO kit are:

1) An HHO Generator - This produces the HHO gas that your vehicle will burn.

  • Keep in mind for every 1000cc your vehicle engine is you will need 0.5 to 1.0 liters per minute of HHO gas.

2) An Electrolyte Tank - This stores and circulates the liquid needed to produce the HHO gas. In the tank the gas separates from the liquid and is diverted to your engine.

hho electrolyte tandem 1 liter tank and bubbler in white and mounting bracket

  • There must be at least 20cm height difference from the bottom of your electrolyte tank and the top of your HHO Cell generator or you will also need a "circulating pump"... also cheap to buy.

These 2 alone (HHO Generator & Electrolyte Tank) are very cheap for an HHO starter kit but you must remember to manually keep an eye on them daily if you choose "just the basics HHO kit". Keeping an eye on them means making sure the water level in your electrolyte tank is always topped up and that the electrolyte concentration isn't too strong. If it's too strong a higher current will be drawn from your cars alternator than your HHO Generator can handle.

You will not be able to run your HHO Generator / Kit above 13 amps when cold approximately 18 amps when warm if you do not have a PWM (Pulse Width Modulator). The amps you use directly affect the amount of gas you produce (more amps = more HHO gas).

For those who want a really nice automatic HHO kit / system you will need a PWM to manage the HHO process. A good PWM will use feedback from the dry cell to hold the gas production study and it will also provide full control for the driver. An HHO kit with a premium PWM will insure the HHO dry cell never runs out of water and will guarantee the HHO system never generates HHO gas while the engine is off. HHO kits with the best PWMs will also drive a re circulating pump to maximize HHO gas production. And, as you might have guessed - AutoHydrogen is the only HHO kit manufacturer that markets an HHO kit with an HHO specific PWM that does everything. 


60 amp constant current pwm and in car lcd display 12 volt 24 volt in rugged aluminum case

Your vehicles ECU (Engine Control Unit or car computer) needs to be taught to work with your HHO kit, the new fuel. There are several ways of doing this depending on how mechanically inclined you are and how much money you want to spend.

  1. Volo Performance Chip FS2-HHO Edition - Easiest, cheapest, most reliable way if your vehicle, make and model is supported.
  2. EFIE device - Difficult and unreliable and you shouldn't consider this method unless you know your mechanics. Although usually cheap, if it's not done right you could damage your vehicle and we suggest you research it well before trying this
    method. We do not sell EFIE devices. If you need to learn more about Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancers visit www.hhoforfree.com, it is one of the most comprehensive resources on the subject.
  3. volo performance chip fs2-hho on saleYou can also reprogram the maps in your vehicles ECU but this needs a specialist with a dyno tune machine. This option is extremely effective on turbo diesel engines. Some get over 50% economy this way.

HHO fuel injection cycle